George Being George

George the Rooster

George is a Buff Orpington rooster. He is the award-winning mascot of Rooster Home and Hardware. The little girl who originally owned him, Abigail "Abi", named him Queen Elizabeth, thinking he was a girl (see photo of Abi in the grass with George as a baby). When George was about 4 months old, Abi realized that he was a rooster when he began to crow so she renamed him "Prince George". But roosters are not allowed at homes in the Dallas so she brought him to Rooster Home and Hardware (formerly Gecko Hardware) hoping that the staff could find a country home for him. She also hoped that he would not end up as dinner, which is the fate for many roosters.

Everyone immediately fell in love with George and visa versa. Each week, the hardware store staff delayed sending him away. They spoiled him, brought treats to him, and hugged him. The lovefest soon spread to customers. Visitors began to drop by to have their photo taken with George. Kids enjoyed cuddling him and could not believe how sweet he was.

Eventually, George began to go out into the community. He has visited schools, churches and even national conventions. One day, he went to a senior center to see Alzheimer’s patients. A sweet elderly lady piped up and said. “You know, roosters crow all day, not just in the morning!” She had not spoken in months. Then she reached out to pet George with her gnarled hand, withered by arthritis. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Several local 4H kids have “adopted" George and have shown him at the Texas State Fair and Ft. Worth Stock Show where he has won numerous blue ribbons. In other words, the guy really gets around.

George is very photogenic and even seems to know just when to pose. He modeled for a painting “George Being George” for over 3 hours and never flinched. He has been on TV several times including nationally via the AP Newswire. He has been on Buzzfeed twice. He was also voted “Best Store Mascot” by the Dallas Observer. Here are a few of his other exposures: (George is #6)

The Dallas Morning News

The Washington Times

Gecko Hardware was renamed Rooster Home and Hardware in George's honor!